College & Career Readiness

High school is no longer a standard end point in our modern public education system. As a your next board member, I will prepare our students for post secondary schooling training that is needed to succeed in our community. As our children exit high school I will ensure that they will be able to hit the ground running equipped for success.

● We must support and expand our local and state partnerships that offer training in highly skilled vocational jobs for our students.

● I will expand dual enrollment opportunities for high school students that will allow students attend college classes and earn credit towards their degree.

● Give our children of tomorrow a competitive edge in the workforce by increasing our focus on computer programming and computer sciences.

Enhance Professional Development for Educators

It is critical that we ensure our teachers have the proper professional development to teach our students curriculum. When teachers expand their craft and improve their skills to teach, it translates into higher student achievement. Every classroom should be led by a highly trained educator. Great teachers help make great students. Once elected to the school board I will  ensure that we:

● Train, retain and support our teachers

● Create a learning team composed of teachers and school leaders that will help understand what our students are not learning and where any instructional shortcomings may exist.

● Provide incentives for teachers that promote student learning and get rid of non-effective educators.

School Climate & Conditions

The San Bernardino Unified School District has a responsibility to create and sustain schools that in which students are engaged and learning. School climate focuses on the non-academic aspects of students, parents and staff at schools and how they interpret school life. A sustainable, positive school climate fosters youth development and learning necessary for a productive, contributing members of our community. As your next school board member, I will improve our student’s school climate by:

● Adopting a shared vision and plan that will promote positive school climate and conditions.

● Creating policy that will create an environment where all members are welcomed, supported and feel safe in school.

● Giving our students the opportunity to authentically be a part of the decision making process at the school and district level.